What to do if your skin starts breaking out before your wedding?

September 2, 2015

The appearance of spots and redness across your face is an unwelcome occurrence for anyone, but it can seem a million times worse when it happens in the last few days leading up to your wedding. 

Outside of your puberty years, breaking out can often accompany times of stress – something that many brides to be will relate to! The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress, feeling super self conscious about your skin.

According to health site WebMD, the excess oil in our skin that triggers spots and the like is caused by hormonal changes, including elevated levels of cortisol. As such, stress can also aggravate pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. 

Remember, you're usually your own worst critic, so what might be a big deal to you, is often nigh on unnoticeable for everyone else.

But with the big day drawing ever closer, what's a girl to do? Here are a few ways to help you combat problematic skin before your wedding. 

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse 

Just because you are busy, doesn't mean that you can't make time to take care of your skin. Cleansing is a crucial part of any skin care routine, especially if you are wearing makeup all day long.

If you don't remove products such as foundation, in addition to the general grime that builds up throughout the day, your pores can become blocked. Cleansing once a day is usually fine – much more and you stand to irritate your skin and suck out all its natural moisture, notes Marie Claire magazine. 

Stop touching your face 

This is old hat, but still as relevant as ever. Not only do your mitts have their own naturally oily surface, but just think of everywhere your hands have been – PIN machines, keyboards, and even your phone all carry bacteria that you are transferring straight to your face. 

"But what if I have a pimple?" you say. Resist all urges to try squeeze it. As wedding hub The Knot recommends, leave it to your makeup artist to hide. Trying to deal with a troublesome spot yourself can lead to redness and scabbing that can make it difficult for even the best to conceal. 

If your skin is breaking out it might need a little TLC. If your skin is breaking out, it might need a little TLC.

Ease off the dairy products 

You may not have realised it, but the contents of milk and related dairy products have been linked to triggering a raft of skin problems, including acne. As reported by Clear Skin Forever, the IGF-1 hormone found in milk is known to cause inflammation, which can only mean bad news for your skin. 

Try holding off on that morning latte and ice cream, your skin may thank you. 

Give your skin a break

For some women, this won't be too big of a deal, but if you usually never leave the house without being fully made up, going a few days sans makeup could give your skin the respite it needs.

Take wee break from makeup and focus on giving your skin a little extra TLC with your skin care routine as well as drinking plenty of water. 

There's always Photoshop 

If you're really worried about how your blemish will tarnish your wedding memories, you can always have a nice word with the photographer about getting it hidden in post production. Thanks to the wizardry of modern editing software such as Photoshop, a few clicks and your tiny spot will be but a distant memory, so don't worry about it ruining your photos.

Besides, you're usually your own worst critic, so what looks to be a big deal to you is often nigh on unnoticeable for everyone else, trust us!