What should you consider before you go shopping for your wedding dress?

March 18, 2015

Shopping for that perfect wedding dress may seem a dream come true and, indeed, it really is a most wonderful experience – especially if you pay a visit to Eternal Weddings' Melbourne showroom.

However, there are still many thing to bear in mind before you step out in search of 'The One', so have a nice sit down and discover what you should expect before commencing the pure excitement of wedding dress shopping!

You don't have to bring the undergarments that you'll wear on the big day itself

When you book your first appointment with Eternal Weddings, it's not of paramount importance to bring along the undergarments that you'll wear beneath your wedding gown. Of course, during the fitting stage of your dress you absolutely should wear them, as they can add to the over all volume of the frock, but for now, all you need is your eyes and hands. You're just browsing for now, as it were, so don't fret too much over it. 

Crowd control

Though you may feel as though you want to invite your friends, extended family, work colleagues and boss to accompany you when wedding dress shopping, take a step back. As with the fitting stage, only two or three people should come along, perhaps your maid-of honour and your mother.   

This way, you won't be subjected to the tangled mass of opinions from all and sundry, or be put off from a dress you have your heart set on because one of your entourage made a negative remark about it. Your opinion is, ultimately, the one that matters.

Book an appointment

By booking an appointment with Eternal Weddings, you'll be privy to one of Australia's most spectacular selection of wedding gowns, and will be able to tap into the boundless knowledge of our expert staff. They'll be on hand to help you pick out the most heavenly dresses according to your style and tastes, offering advice and dispensing tips to ensure that you leave our showroom with the dress that you have always dreamed of!