What should I do with my dress after the wedding?

February 13, 2015

After countless visits to Eternal Weddings' showroom and trying on a great deal of dresses, you at last discovered that perfect gown. All those fittings and alterations helped you turn out like a princess on your special day but, now that it's over, you are left with the conundrum with regards as to what to do with your dress once it's all over. We have a few ideas for you:

Make a christening gown

Wedding dresses are made up of quite a lot of fabrics, so why not re-use them for a personal purpose that will still have great significant meaning to you? Transforming it into a christening gown to be worn by your future little ones will mean that your dress has a use well past its original intention. What's more, it can be used over and over again – depending on how many children you have!

Turn it into jewellery

You can wear a memento of your wedding dress every single day by turning parts of it into fragments of jewellery. You can use sections of the gown to wear in a locket, or tie the smaller bows into a bracelet. 

Craft it into cufflinks

The fabric of a wedding dress can be used to place under the clear dome of custom-made cufflinks, leaving a little part of your big day on a permanent display to whichever man you decide to gift them to. Either your son (a little later in life!) or your new husband will be sure to appreciate these highly personal trinkets. 

Shadow box it

If you really cannot bear to see your wedding dress either reused, cut up or sold, then you can always have it shadow boxed. This way, it won't be hidden away in storage with no one there to appreciate it; rather, it'll be on constant display for anyone in passing to admire.