Wedding trends: Action camera wedding videos

August 12, 2015

Wedding videos often capture much of the same sort of scenes.

There's a shot of the bride in her beautiful wedding dress walking down the aisle, the teary reactions of the front row of family and friends as vows are read and rings exchanged. Then will come the roar of applause as the newlyweds emerge from the the ceremony space, slice open the cake, and take their first step as a married couple onto the dance floor. 

While the quality of professional wedding videos has significantly improved over the last decade thanks to digital recording, if you're looking for a fresh approach to keeping a record of your day, there's a new player in town: the action cam. 

Clever ways to use a GoPro for your wedding day 

One of the hot trends for 2015 has definitely been the creative use of GoPro footage to add to wedding videos.

Action cams such as the GoPro series are both highly capable and pocketable all at once. Because of their tiny size, they can go places traditional video cameras can't, providing the opportunity for point of view shots and creative angles. 

  • Tucked into your bouquet: The bouquet gets a unique view of the aisle walk, then once it's passed to the maid of honour, it can be angled towards the guest seating. And who can forget the exciting bouquet toss moment? Prime time for an action shot, as it tumbles through the air and into the hands of an excited bridesmaid.
  • Time​-lapse: This has been another big trend in recent years, where you leave the camera rolling for extended periods to compact hours of footage into a few whirlwind minutes. You can position your camera at a high vantage point, or even use it in the set up days before to the wedding for a behind the scenes time​-lapse of the location transformed for the occasion.
  • Selfie sticks: Love 'em or hate 'em, selfie sticks can be a lot of fun, especially on the dance floor where it can be difficult for a videographer to get in once the party really kicks off.