Wedding motif inspiration for your special day

November 25, 2014

Part of the wedding planning process is picking out the style and theme of your event. This can run the gamut from traditional and simple to ornate and formal. Choosing a wedding motif allows you to carry an idea through from your invites all the way to your reception tables.

A motif is a visual theme you can print or display in a variety of ways throughout your event. Most brides and grooms opt to display their motif on save-the-dates, invitations, wedding programs and menus. You can also display it on your wedding cake (custom-made cake toppers, anyone?), in a lightshow (you read that right – some lighting companies tailor-make lights with your motif on display), and on your wedding favours.

But what should you choose as your motif? Many couples choose something with sentimental value to showcase throughout their special day. Here are some of our favourite places to look for motif inspiration.

Your initials

The classic choice is to use your monogram as a motif. Creating a custom monogram is simple, and many invitations offer the option of having you and your partner's initials front and centre.

Before we go any further, we thought we'd clear up how the monogram works. Traditionally, the bride's first initial is placed all the way on the left, and the groom's initial all the way on the right. The initial of the couple's new last name then goes in the centre in slightly bigger font. Same-sex couples can simply choose the order of their first initials.

Your wedding dress

The design of your wedding dress can be the perfect inspiration for a monogram! Brides donning lace gowns can carry the look of their fabric throughout their entire event. Lace-looking designs can adorn your wedding cake, and a variety of stationery options are available that show off the lace pattern.

Another creative idea is to design your wedding programmes in a non-traditional format: a scroll. Roll them up and tie them with a piece of beautiful lace for a vintage look that matches your wedding theme.

Mutual interests

If you and your partner share a particular interest, this can be a great opportunity to showcase your personalities in your wedding theme. Let's say you and your soon-to-be-spouse are both interested in comics and pop art. Order custom stationery that boasts both of your names in a traditional comic book font. Take this image and showcase it throughout your wedding – in stationery, on favour boxes on place settings, on your wedding cake – anywhere you'd like.

Do you and the love of your life both love wine? Make a pair of elegant Champagne flutes your motif. Bonus points if you have these custom made to look like the glasses you're actually using at your wedding reception.

And here's another idea: If the two of you love to travel, why not use a suitcase to showcase your sense of adventure? This classic image can be printed anywhere your heart desires. A compass is another cute travel-related motif option.

A significant memory

You can also choose a motif based off of one of your favourite shared memories with your honey. One popular option is to pick a design based on how you met your spouse. If you met on a train, for example, a romantic vintage train image could be the perfect stamp with which to adorn your wedding stationery.

Another creative option is to base your motif off a city you traveled to or lived in. Did you get engaged in Paris? The Eiffel Tower is a classic choice. You could also design all of your stationery in the image of a map of the City of Light.