Top 3 wedding hairstyles for veils

September 19, 2014

Are you going for a classic look for your wedding and wearing a veil? Here are five hairstyles that incorporate this wedding element and still look chic.

Elegant updo

You may think having an updo won't work with a veil, but if you want to go for this look, the trick is to pin the veil at the top of the bun and let it hang down your back. Your updo can be completed with a beautiful hair accessory.

Opt for a looser updo for a more effortless look or a sleek bun if you want to have a timeless and classic look.

Bouncy curls

There is no doubt with a veil, long, loose flowing hair looks great. With big, bouncy curls, you'll look and feel relaxed. This is a perfect option if you're having your wedding on the beach or in a garden with a select few friends and family. If curls is your hairstyle of choice, make sure to find a way to secure your veil so you won't have to worry about it slipping or falling during the day.

Alternatively, take this opportunity to feel utterly sleek with straightened hair or with a perfect blow dry. Your simple hairstyle will allow the delicate veil to be your main adornment.

Half updo

Combine the above two hair options and go for a half up, half down hairstyle. This style suits many different face shapes and lengths, and works with a range of different hair types and cuts – so whether you have a fringe, shoulder length hair or long, curly locks, you can look easy, breezy and gorgeous with your hair done and your veil attached.

Also, this style looks good with curls or straight hair, so have a play with different styles and looks before your big day to see what you like the best.