Top 3 wedding drinks ideas to wow your guests

May 22, 2015

When organising your wedding day, no matter how far off it might seem, you'll be faced with vast array of choices to make – some of them easy, some of them not so much.

On top of choosing the most intimate, perfect venue, whittling down the attendee list and choosing that perfect wedding dress, you've also got to decide what your guests are going to eat and drink – and that's never easy.

Though many wedding receptions take place in a venue replete with a bar, you can still deliver a personal touch and create the ideal wedding drink – from a customised cocktail to a classic offering, the opportunities are endless – here are three ideas for you to try. Cheers!  

Crafty cuts

Craft beer is a beverage that has grown steadily in popularity, especially in Australia. It's typically low in alcohol, so is suited to drinking for the duration of the day (known as a 'session ale'). Additionally, it's particularly good value for money and there are a great raft of styles to choose from – and many breweries offer packages specifically tailored towards weddings.

Row, row, row, your boat (full of ice)

Take a humble ice bucket – how many bottles of bubbly can fit in there? One, two at most? Imagine if you could increase the size of that somehow… such as by using an old wooden boat, for example? 

Give your unused boat or dinghy a new lease of life by filling it with iced water (provided that there are no holes, of course!) and then cramming it with every bottle under the sun. This way, guests can pick and choose any drink they fancy, all while admiring the original centrepiece to your wedding party!

His and hers

This is a classic that will never go out of fashion. The bride and groom each select their favourite spirit, wine, beer and so forth, before placing a whole bunch of them on a large table – on either side, of course.

Guests can now partake in the tipple of choice of the happy couple, or even mix up a cocktail storm in honour of the bride and groom!