The perfect dress for a spring wedding

August 8, 2014

This spring sees a number of trends hitting the catwalks, some stunning twists on old favourites and some more daring ideas for your wedding dress.

Sleek and elegant

This trend is by no means revolutionary, instead staying true to classic traditions, past and present. This season, several designers have noticeably stuck with simple and elegant silhouettes with minimal embellishments.

With these dresses, the beauty of the bride shines through. It's a fresh look you can have fun with. A simpler dress means you can choose a bolder accessory or a bright and colourful bouquet.

Ankle length

For a style that is wonderfully vintage and 50s inspired, opt for an ankle-length dress. It's amazing how a simple change in length can transform your gown.

The fashion of the 50s was varied from start to finish, but certain qualities remained throughout. The waistline was a key point of the dresses, as well as ankle-length hemline, and the items were always tailored and had a definite air of chic elegance.

Ankle length dresses look particularly lovely with lace, but this style also works well with satin.

Cross backs

The open back trend that was seen on runways throughout fall last year comes out again with the crisscross back trend of current wedding dresses. 

A crisscross backed dress will allow you to try something a bit different, while still having a stunningly traditional length and front. A lovely option is to have a lace back, or straps embellished with crystals.


The dip dyed trend has made its way to wedding dresses. Ombre dresses are flattering for a number of skin tones and are a great option for those who want their wedding gown to be something a bit different. 

You don't have to have a drastic colour change for it to have impact. A lovely way to add colour is to have a subtle peachy colour come in from the base up.