Something old, something new… how will you honour this bridal tradition?

April 28, 2015

Nearly every bride will have heard the old adage for adding good luck to their wedding:

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

This simple little rhyme has found brides adding unique touches to their look for the big day for hundreds of years, and it might have crossed your mind if you've been assembling your bridal look.

If you too would like to honour this tradition, there are plenty of ways to go about it, so here we give you a few ideas.

It's entirely up to you whether your "something blue" is a focal point, or a subtle detail only noticed by a close few.

Something old

"Something old" can refer to an heirloom, or vintage piece of jewellery which compliments your wedding dress. It can be a statement piece, or perhaps something a little more subtle, such as a brooch pinned to your skirt or bodice.

You can also incorporate an item from another family member's wedding, which is a thoughtful way of keeping them with you throughout the day. Some brides have been known to use their mother or grandmother's bridal veil, for instance.

Something new

This is probably an easy one; your wedding dress will be the newest thing you have with you throughout the big day (until you exchange rings with your partner), so this can definitely fill the quota for the "something new" category.

However, you could always mark the occasion with a small token such as a pair of earrings or bracelet which you will be able to wear after your wedding as a reminder of your special day. Sensory memory is a powerful thing, so a new perfume bought especially for your wedding is something you'll be able enjoy again and again.

Something borrowed

Again, you could consider this one taken care of if you are indeed borrowing an item from a family member as part of your "something old," but don't forget you can take inspiration from family or friends who have tied the knot more recently.

Something blue

This particular item is where you can get really creative. It's entirely up to you whether your "something blue" is a point of focus, or a subtle detail only noticed by a close few.

For a statement blue piece, you could can add a touch of flair with your wedding accessories. Whether it's blue shoes, a blue headpiece or blue gems in your jewellery, the options are endless. You can even incorporate some blue into your wedding bouquet with beautiful blossoms such as hydrangeas, iris, pansies, sweet peas or hyacinth.

For a quiet touch of blue, you can go for the classic blue garter, which will go hidden throughout the ceremony, or a bespoke addition of blue embroidery to the inside of your dress, such as a monogram, to make your outfit truly unique.