Should I wear my mother’s wedding dress?

July 6, 2015

Choosing a wedding gown can be an exciting, yet challenging part of the wedding preparation process. As it's a dress you'll likely only wear once, you want to make sure you do it right. However, what about the brides who already have a wedding dress inherited from another family member, such as their mum?

Is it any less special if you haven't chosen the dress yourself? Should you wear it simply to save on wedding costs?

Here we look at some of the pros and cons of wearing your mum's wedding dress.

The not so good

Let's look at the downside first. Choosing your dream dress is such an exciting experience, which is sometimes lost if you already have a dress on hand. In addition, if your mum has expressed a wish for you to wear her dress, it can be a difficult proposition to turn down – meaning that you may feel obliged in some way to wear a style which you yourself wouldn't have chosen.

The main thing is that no bride wants to offend her mother by turning down their dress. After thanking your mum for her offer, Glamour's Meredith Bodgas offers up this bit of advice:

"Ask her if there's something else she can lend you to make your outfit meaningful. Maybe her veil would go perfectly with the look you have planned. Or maybe there's a piece of jewellery that fits the bill."

In the end, it is your wedding day. Take the time to explain how important it is for you to have the same experience as she did choosing her own dress, and how while her dress was chosen to suit her style and body shape, you would like to find the right fit for you.

The good

However, wearing your mum's dress can really bring a special, emotional touch to your wedding day.

You can incorporate your mum's dress into your look with a few adjustments. You can incorporate your mum's dress into your look with a few adjustments.

By wearing your mother's dress, you can save a lot of time spent searching, and refocus your efforts towards getting the big day in order.

The best part is that if you would like to honour your mum by wearing her dress, you don't have to necessarily wear it the exact same way. 

With expert tailoring, you don't have to have an intense 1980s vibe on your big day.

At Eternal Weddings, our alterations team has years of experience crafting gowns of all styles towards the image a bride has in mind.

Professional alterations mean that you can both pay homage to your mother's dress while wearing it in a completely new way which is also true to your own style. 

As you won't have the expenditure of a ceremony gown, what you save by reusing your mum's dress you can always put towards a second reception dress.

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