Should I go strapless for my wedding dress?

September 18, 2015

There are a myriad of different couture choices to make when deciding on the best style of wedding dress for you. Some accents and details are immediately more vintage, such as lace, sleeves and a full skirt, whilst others can transform your look into something more sleek and modern. 

One of the defining factors of your gown, more so than trim and beading, is whether you choose to go strapless. Not only does this decision have a huge aesthetic influence, but if a strapless gown is not fitted correctly, or you choose the wrong style for your body type, it might not have quite the effect you were hoping for. 

Here are some of the things to consider before you pick a strapless wedding dress. 

What body type do you have? 

There are some body shapes that will suit the strapless look better than others. Hourglass girls can pull this off, especially in a well-fitted gown that hugs their curves. 

If you are significantly broader across the chest than in the hips – also known as an inverted triangle shape – a dress that cuts off just before the widest part of your body can often highlight that breadth, making you appear heavier on top than you actually are.

It's vital to have a strapless wedding dress professionally tailored, as ill-fitting gowns can not only be unflattering but also uncomfortable.

By contrast, strapless wedding dresses can often be flattering on triangle or pear-shaped figures, as they come in at the waist before flaring out over the hips. 

How should a strapless dress be fitted? 

Of course, one of the biggest trepidations with this type of gown is the potential for the top to be constantly sinking down, causing you to do the un-ladylike hitch every couple of minutes, and leaving you always wondering whether your bra is showing. 

This is why it is vital to have a strapless wedding dress professionally tailored to fit your body – an ill-fitting gown can not only be unflattering, but also uncomfortable. Make sure that when you first try on a strapless gown, you bring the bra you're going to wear on the big day as well as to each of your following fitting appointments.

Correctly tailored, your dress will hold its own without being suffocatingly tight – no one wants muffin tops, or even worse, a back-crease! Fortunately, at Eternal Weddings, we have our very own professional seamstresses who are experienced in wedding dress alterations, so come in to see us today.