Should I cover my tattoos on my wedding day?

January 13, 2015

It goes without saying that you'll want to look your fabulous best on your wedding day, so you'll no doubt be looking at every feasible option to give you your best chance of looking ravishing. One thing, though, that can divide opinions like no other is the issue of tattoos – do they qualify as beautiful body art, or are they unsightly additions to your skin? How should you tackle the subject when it comes to your big day – to cover or not to cover?

According to research by McCrindle, 12 per cent of Australians are now adorned with one or more tattoos. There is no question that they are a trend continually on the rise and perhaps more socially acceptable – no longer the preserve of sailors, criminals and gang members. Teachers, doctors and lawyers are all going under the inky needle, so why do brides still have reservations about displaying their skin to all and sundry? After all, it's part of who you are, isn't it?

It boils down to traditionalism. Though tattoos have been around for time memoriam, certain folks just cannot ever accept them, no matter how old they are – and that's fine, as everyone is entitled to an opinion, especially if they have been invited to your wedding.

Showing it off

The answer is deceptively simple. If you're proud of your ink and are not afraid to show it, then flaunt it. Pick a dress that will display your ink in the most flattering light – a gown with a hint of colour can fully complement an intricate design. A backless dress can show off that beautiful backpiece that you endured many hours of discomfort for. This is your big day and offending the sensitivities of a small minority isn't even going to register in your mind when the time comes.

Hiding your designs

A shawl will cover your tattoos if that;s the course of action that you decide to take. Wedding website The Knot says that reaching a compromise is also possible – you can use bolero or caplet to conceal your ink for the day, removing it if you so wish.