Planning tips for the ultimate outdoor wedding

September 29, 2015

With the winter starting to fade away to no more than a distant memory, spring and summer arrive with the warmth of the sun and the thrill of being able to spend long days outdoors. For brides to be, the turning of the season can mean the approaching date of their nuptials, which means that the final details need to be sorted soon in time for summer. 

If you're planning on hosting some, or indeed all of your wedding outside, you'll have different things to consider compared to if you were hosting your celebrations indoors. To help you create the perfect al fresco day, here are a few tips. 

Dressing for the occasion

For anyone with a vision of tying the knot outdoors, the venue can be an important factor in deciding on your wedding dress. A garden wedding can lend itself really well to a shorter hemline, often a blessing in the baking hot sun! Just remember, that if you are walking down a grassy aisle, any white stilettos you were planning on wearing could make holes in the green. Why not consider wearing wedges or even flats for the garden ceremony before changing into some heels for the reception?

A beach wedding has its own romantic feel about it, with lighter, more floaty full-length skirts a beautiful match to this laid-back venue. In terms of shoes, some brides go barefoot on the sand, or even wear thongs under their dress. Whatever feels good to you! 

An outdoor wedding can be a literal breath of fresh air for your guests. An outdoor wedding can be a literal breath of fresh air for your guests.

Creating an altar space outdoors

Having a beautiful outdoor venue for your wedding is all well and good, but it can sometimes be a challenge to add structure and focus to a wide open space. The altar is where the big moments of the ceremony are going to take place, so it needs to be somewhere that channels your guests' gazes to the front. 

A pagoda is great way to create a sheltered alcove outdoors, and can be decorated in a raft of creative ways from fairy lights and lanterns to satin bows and an abundance of blossoms that tie in with the colour scheme of the day overall. Candles can also be a nice touch, but just ensure they are protected from any breezes in a deep jar.

Prepared for the weather

We all know how the Aussie summer can be a scorching one. While you can take advantage of the brilliantly clear and sunny days of the season, you don't want your guests to be sweating it up in their best attire.

Shifting the start time to a little later in the day can bring a cool respite from the midday sun, as well as less squinting for your guests. In addition, the time just before the sun sets is known as the 'golden hour' – you and your guests will be illuminated with the low angled sun, making your wedding photos simply radiant. 

Having that indoor outdoor flow

When it's time to transition indoors, there are still ways you can preserve a sense of natural surroundings. A wedding tent on site can allow easy access both indoors and out, and means that the move from ceremony to reception is a smooth and unfussy one.

If you've had your ceremony later in the afternoon, the light will fade whilst the party lights turn on, allowing for a seamless continuation of the day's festivities. All that's left to do is let your hair down, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your evening! Your hard work will have certainly paid off in this magical day with your partner.