Make sure your flower girl is ready for the big day

April 8, 2015

With so much excitement and nerves flying around before your wedding day, it might be easy to forget about the youngest participants. Flower girls add a sweet touch to any wedding, as they make their way down the isle as part of the bridal party scattering flower petals or confetti. 

But apart from making sure she looks adorable in her flower girl dress, there are several other ways to make sure that she walks down the isle confident and happy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when prepping the youngest bridal party member for the big day. 

Familiar faces

It's easy for any one of the wedding party to feel jittery with the excitement of the day, especially the flower girl and young ring bearers. To help them feel more at ease, make sure that flower girls have the opportunity to get familiar with some of the grown ups in the bridal party who they'll be making their way down the isle with. 

For slightly anxious little girls, The Knot recommends the buddy system, or pairing up the flower girl with another young guest or with the ring bearer to make the day a little less intimidating. 

Having the flower girl's parents sitting somewhere where she can easily spot them is also a nice way of adding a little extra reassurance. 

Practice, practice, practice 

Just like any guest who plays a part in the bridal procession, it's important that the flower girl be there for rehearsals. Make sure that her duties are explained nice and clearly to avoid any confusion.

By informing a flower girl's parents about her duties, they can practice at home beforehand, which can provide a boost of confidence and an extra wide smile on the day. 

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