How to write your wedding vows

October 17, 2014

Writing your own vows will add a lovely touch to your wedding day. It may be a bit daunting – how do you begin to tell the person who have chosen to spend the rest of your life with how you feel? It's definitely worth the effort! Use our tips and tricks to get started:

Seek inspiration

Before you even write anything down, hunt out some inspiration. This can come in many forms – you could look up wedding speech videos, read a romance novel, flick through some of your favourite books of poetry or even find kids books that talk about love you read as a child.

Get started early

You will likely feel like you've said what you wanted to say if you get started as soon as possible. This way you can get your thoughts down, raw and uncut, and then come back to them at a later date to edit with a fresh mind. On top of this, you will also have the chance to add something that comes into your mind at a later date.

Embrace your own style

If you are naturally the funny one in the group, don't be afraid to crack a joke or two. Yes, this is a time to be sincere, but don't feel like you have to conform to a certain way of doing things. In the same vein, if you love making music, perhaps you could express your feelings through a song.

Keep it brief and packed with detail

Short and sweet works like a charm, and the more personal it is the more special it will come across. When you start writing, think about your partner and the precise details that you love about them. Steer clear of cliches and think about your journey together and any stories you can share. Your vows could even be one story that sums up how you feel.