How to work through two of the hardest parts of wedding planning

February 6, 2015

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting, wonderful experience, but the sheer logistics of it mean that you are sure to meet some difficulty along the way. Dealing with pushy parents and pruning the guest list can all prove overwhelmingly demanding, but let Eternal Weddings guide you through. Remember, the stresses and strains of planning a great wedding may seem tough at the time, but when you are walking up that aisle in your dress surrounded by your loved ones, you'll barely even remember them.

Deciding who to invite

Formulating the guest list has the potential to cause ructions from all sides. Your parents want to invite people that you've never even heard of, let alone met, your future mother-in-law wants to bring along the groom's ex from hell, and your man himself wants his entire amateur rugby team, plus substitutes, at the party. What's a stressed-out bride to do? 

Give each set of parents a strict number for friends and family that they can bring along, allowing them to work it out for themselves. This will take a little pressure off you. Don't allow them to go all out, however – deal out a few ground rules, such as not allowing someone along who hasn't met both bride and groom. Additionally, lay down some rules for yourself – should you allow exes, or will it be too awkward?

The parent trap

One thing is for sure: parents always think they know best. This can also apply to your friends who are already married, which means that they automatically think they know what you want. Your future father-in-law knows which wine should be served, your mother baulks at your choice of venue.

Though it can be tough to not wilt under the relentless barrage of opinion from all quarters, it's important to remember that this is your big day, not theirs. With this in mind, it's still good practice to listen to those you trust most, as their words of wisdom may be of greater value and can help you in your decisions. Respect every opinion that comes your way (and there will be a lot!), but remember to choose which ones you follow wisely.