How to walk the aisle with confidence

June 19, 2015

While the focus on your big day will be all about the union of you and your partner, every bride knows that there will be one moment where all eyes will be focused on her – when she walks the aisle. 

It's a fairytale moment so many little girls dream about, the sweet strains of the processional music setting the soundtrack to the moment you walk past the rest of your guests with everyone watching. 

However, while this catwalk moment can fill some of us with fluttering excitement, for many of us, the idea of walking the length of the ceremony space in heels and a heavy dress can be ever-so-slightly daunting.

Here are a few ideas for working your walk down the aisle with confidence. 

Practice makes perfect

If you're going to be wearing heels, it's a good idea to practice wearing them. Try and find a pair which are a similar height and heel style to your wedding shoes, so you don't get yours scuffed or marked. 

Stiletto heels, in particular, require a whole different walking posture than other shoes. You should be aiming for a natural gait, with the heel striking the ground first, rather than tottering on your toes. If the ceremony is taking place somewhere carpeted, make sure you practice walking on a similar surface, as this can change the way your foot hits the floor. 

As most of us don't send our days swanning around in a princess style dress, again, it's definitely worth practising how you will sit down, stand, and go up stairs in your wedding dress. Some skirts will require you to pick them up as you navigate stairs, or even lengthen your stride so you are effectively toeing the fabric out the way so you don't step on your own hem.  

Whatever happens, the most important part of any aisle walk to keep your chin up and smile. Enjoy the moment! It should be the beginning of one of the most incredible days of your life.