How to choose the perfect jewellery to go with your wedding dress

February 10, 2015

So, you have made your way down to the Eternal Weddings showroom in Melbourne and picked out that dream dress. And what a beautiful one it is! What's more, you have sensibly booked yourself in for a series of wedding dress alteration appointments, meaning that you will slip into your gown like a velvet glove on the big day, as well as matching it up perfectly to your shoes and accessories. Now comes the fun part – as if you weren't having enough fun already – choosing which jewellery to wear on the special day.

Selecting which accessories you are going to pair with your wedding dress can sometimes be even more exciting than choosing the gown itself – and just as difficult. There are certain rules that you must abide by when lining up the candidates that will adorn your ears, neck and the like, though these can be bent a little depending upon the dress you have chosen. Read on to find out how pick the perfect jewellery to wear on your wedding day!

Rule number one

It is imperative that you don't overdo it. Though it may be tempting to laden yourself with every piece of jewellery that you own, this will detract from your overall look, and even take away the focus from you yourself as you walk down the aisle. This is the only rule that really should not be broken, as there are many ways and means that you can make your jewellery work well for you, no matter how little you are wearing. Subtlety, class and a little preparation are key.

Match metals, throw petals 

Unless you have been particularly outlandish in your choice of wedding dress, then your gown will almost certainly be a sumptuous shade of white. Because wedding frocks come in such a wide variety of whites, if you are not sure which exact hue yours is, please do not hesitate to ask a friendly Eternal Weddings showroom attendant. 

 – Pure-white

The sheer, effective simplicity of a white dress means that it is best complemented by jewellery of a similar colour, or of a metal that will not contrast with it too much. For this reason, the elegance of pearls are an excellent option, as are the demure, understated tones of silver or platinum. Yellow gold, though perhaps the most famous of all the precious metals, will, unfortunately, not sit well with a pure white dress, as it is liable to clash – causing distraction to the beholder.

 – Diamond-white

Diamond-white dresses are perhaps the most versatile of colours when it comes to choosing metals to match with. Practically any of the well-known precious metals will go well with diamond-white, including silver, platinum and titanium. Additionally, three forms of gold will also complement an off-white dress: the classic yellow variety, white gold (due to its similarity in hue to the fabric)  and rose gold. Selecting rose gold would demonstrate an excellent choice, as the copper-tinted metal holds a certain timeless, rustic appeal that will give a vintage aesthetic to your look.

– Ivory

Ivory dresses are indeed an elegant choice of colour, but you will need to be careful with your jewellery choices. As ivory is a soft, light white and the fact that some dresses even carry overtones of yellow, red and even green, metal of colour is your greatest asset here. Yellow gold will work finest, as its shining surface will accentuate the gorgeous creamy tones of your dress.

If you are still not entirely sure of which jewellery to wear with your wedding dress, please do not hesitate to bring it in with you to a fitting – our expert fitters will be only too glad to advise you.