How are you going to document your big day?

June 9, 2015

The day of your wedding is sure to be a memorable one. Sharing the experience with the ones you hold dear after months of hard work and planning is emotional and beautiful all at once. It feels like only yesterday you were playing your relative's wedding day movie on VHS, and flicking through their wedding photo album, but now brides and grooms have a whole range of multimedia tools at their disposal to document their nuptials. 

Hire a pro 

While you want to have a unique record of your wedding day, you don't want the cameras to get too intrusive, or take the focus away from the celebration. This is why it's often a good idea to hire a professional – yes, it will cost more than getting your friends to take a few snaps, but the end result will be much more cohesive. 

A seasoned wedding photographer won't get in the way, and they can work to build a whole story through images. From the start of the day when you put on your wedding dress, to the instant you lock eyes with your partner at the end of the aisle. 

But apart from getting slick coverage with a photographer or videographer, what other options are out there? 

How will you capture your special day?How will you capture your special day?

Get sn-app-y 

If you've read our post on getting a wedding day hashtag, you'll know it can be a nifty way of collating the different pictures your guests take throughout the ceremony for a more varied visual account of the day.  

Instagram can add a vintage or stylistic touch to your image library, but, like Twitter, it can also be an open playing field where images your friends think are cute, may in fact be not so flattering. 

Make sure you can find any photos posted on Facebook by getting your friends to tag you and your other half.

If you're concerned about the potluck nature of social media pictures, you can enable a setting on Facebook that allows you to approve any tagged posts before they hit your timeline. 

Going old school 

Don't discount some of the nostalgic old school technology out there. Making a huge come back of late has been ye olde Polaroid instant camera.

With the novelty of instant prints, you and your guests can take spontaneous pictures through out the day, without worrying about running out of space on your smartphones. 

The re-vamped Fujifilm Instax cameras come with zinc paper, usually printing to the size of a business card, but you can still get your hands on the cameras your parents once had through the Impossible Project.

There, you can buy the original Polaroid cameras online, refurbished with tender loving care so you can experience the instant magic at your wedding.