Holiday wedding ideas to wow your guests

December 2, 2014

For many couples, the idea of a holiday-season wedding is simply too good to pass up. The festive season has an air of fun, revelry and joy, and what better way to encompass those good feelings than with a wedding celebration? Not only that, many of our friends and family come into town during the holidays, so tying the knot during December or early January might be the best way to ensure everyone you love can make it to your celebration.

If you've decided to host your wedding around Christmas or New Year's, here are a few ideas and tips you might want to take into consideration.

If you're getting married at Christmastime …

Peace! Love! Joy! Gratitude! Christmas is a wonderful time to say 'I do'. The themes present throughout this season, both religious and secular, reflect sharing happiness with those you love most. Pledging to spend the rest of your lives together is the perfect way to commemorate the season.

Keep a few things in mind, however: Some of your guests may find it convenient to come to a wedding during Christmastime, particularly if they're visiting family in town. However, others may find that they have conflicting plans, as your wedding may fall on the day of holiday parties, busy times at work and other commitments. Anyone getting married during December should absolutely send save-the-dates, and you may want to consider sending your invites a bit earlier than the recommended six to eight weeks.

Now for the fun part: the decor! When getting married at Christmas, the first colour that usually comes to mind is holiday red. What could be more romantic yet festive than red roses everywhere? Consider elegant red nosegay bouquets for yourself and your bridesmaids.

An alternative idea for a more casual affair is to choose a candyland look. This theme is consistent with holiday cheer but allows you to look outside of dramatic red. Consider setting up a candy bar with an assortment of Christmas-y sweets that look like they came straight out of Santa's shop.

You, your partner and your bridal party should dress to the nines for Christmas-season wedding. A sparkly wedding dress – or perhaps with with a green or red accent belt – is perfect for the occasion.

If you're getting married at New Year's …

Parties! New beginnings! Looking to the future! There are plenty of intrinsically romantic notions attached to ringing in the New Year with a new marriage. You and your partner can say your vows during the evening on Dec. 31, then share a kiss on the dance floor as you and your guests ring in the new year come midnight. Is there a more ideal combination of fun and romantic? We think not.

When it comes to your decor, you have a multitude of options. A 20s art deco theme is perfect for New Years – your party will essentially have the look of a particularly elegant vintage party a la The Great Gatsby. You can also use clocks, shimmery gold and other characteristic New Year's looks to dress up your event.

If you do decide to go with the art deco theme, there are plenty of 20s-inspired wedding dresses from which to choose. Going with a gown in a champagne or gold colour would also be a great fit. Dress it up with gold accessories or sparkly diamonds (like the new one you're undoubtedly sporting on your finger).

Oh, and one more tip for New Year's Even brides: Don't skimp on Champagne. Your guests will undoubtedly be expecting a little bubbly come midnight, and you'll need some for your wedding toast as well.