Great wedding hairstyles, with the power of flowers

February 20, 2015

You could be forgiven for thinking that your wedding day revolved around flowers. Choosing which blooms with which to deck the halls or which petals will sprout from your bouquet are important decisions to make, almost as much as picking your perfect wedding dress itself. 

Of course, the way that you wear your hair on your special day will dictate how which particular style of flower arrangement you can have festooning your locks. You won't want your flowers to clash with your wedding dress or mismatch with your do, so let Eternal Weddings tell you all about some of our favourite flowery hair arrangements.

Up-hair girl… 

If you're wearing your hair up, choosing clusters of flowers grouped together can make for a wonderfully elegant addition. One of our favourite get-ups for the bride that wears her hair up is to place a large flower with several petal layers, such as a soft rose, and surround it with several smaller blossoms that will accentuate the beauty of both you and the centrepiece flower. You could even leave hints of the green leaves on the stem, leaving the impression of a tiny, exquisite garden.

Bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom!

Very often, the simplest ideas are the most effective. Whether your hair is worn up, or cascades down your shoulders, choosing a single, oversized bloom to adorn your head will complement your look perfectly, without ever being overbearing. A finely-cut fluffy peony or the enormous dinner plate dahlia are flowers that fit this purpose like a velvet glove, as they are both available in a myriad of colours and are of a bouncy, full volume, meaning that they will not wilt as your day goes on.

Braid of Honour  

If your hair is to be braided on the big day, decorate it with small flowers that will give it even more elegance and refinery. Tiny baby's breath and plain yellow and white daises work beautifully when used in this manner.