Finding the perfect wedding shoes

August 21, 2014

Choosing your wedding dress is a big deal, but let's not forget about shoes! Here's where you can show off your personality, tie in your theme or have bit of fun.

These are for you

Even if the rest of your wedding is more traditional and you've chosen a classic cream gown, your shoes are your chance to choose something just for you. Are you a fan of hot pink? Add a touch of colour with your footwear. When you lift your dress to get out of the car or walk into the reception hall, your shoes will have their moment to shine.

Comfort is key

When you're tossing up between a glitzy pair of beaded beauties or a more practical pair, remember that you'll be wearing these shoes all day. When it comes to walking down the aisle, venturing out to photo locations and having your first dance, do you want to be navigating your way in stilettos or be more comfortable in kitten heels?

Get a couple of pairs

If you can't leave those skyscraper shoes behind treat yourself, but get a back up. Even if you've taken the time to wear in your heels they may still get a little sore toward the end of the night. Get yourself some lovely flats and dance the night away!

Choosing fabrics

The fabric can have an impact on your comfort and help you express your personal taste. Vinyl or plastic are generally more uncomfortable – they don't allow your feet to breathe and aren't flexible.

Think about your theme

Decide whether you want your shoes to match your theme or not, and go for it! If you're going to make them coincide with the rest of your wedding, choose shoes that have an accent colour or a cohesive fabric – if your wedding is vintage inspired choose lacy shoes, or if you're having a barn wedding why not find yourself some cowboy boots?