Essential tips for your flower girl

July 29, 2014

Not every bride and groom opt to include a flower girl in their ceremony, but in many cases the charming gesture can add some fun and an undeniable cute factor to a wedding.

If you do decide upon a flower girl, you might be interested in a few tips  for keeping her happy and involved throughout the process. Here are some ideas. 

Flower girl tips for your big day

One of the most important things you can do for your flower girl is help her feel special, involved and like she has some choice. Make a fun occasion of choosing her flower girl dress – like a girl's day out for your young helper. Have her meet and spend time with your bridesmaids so that she has friendly and famil‚Äčiar faces around her throughout the process. Make sure she's comfortable in whichever outfit you end up choosing and that it's appropriate for her height and size, as you don't want a long dress tripping her down the aisle!

If your wedding is taking place far in the future, you might want to wait until a little closer to the big day to get your flower girl's dress fitted, in case she experiences a growth spurt in that time. 

When it comes to getting ready for the ceremony itself, understand that your flower girl might be quite nervous. For this reason, it's a good idea to rehearse the process as much as possible so she can be laid-back and confident. A good strategy is to have her parents or another trusted relative at the front of the crowd to help her find her way if she freezes come the special moment.

Remember, if all else fails, relax and have a giggle. No matter what, your flower girl will be an adorable addition to your ceremony – even if she goes a little off course on her way down the aisle.