Choosing the right wedding hairstyle for your hair type

April 22, 2015

When it comes to putting together the perfect wedding look, there are so many smaller elements which go into creating the final vision. The foremost is, of course, finding a wedding dress which not only flatters your body type, but also suits your personality and the overall feel of the wedding.

One thing which will impact your bridal look more than you may realise is your hairstyle. Every woman will know the feeling of getting dressed and having a good outfit ruined by a bad hair day, so when it comes to choosing a style for your wedding, there is a fair bit riding on whether you go loose, formal or even a mix of both!

A hair accessory could be the perfect finishing touch. A hair accessory could be the perfect finishing touch.

Like choosing a wedding dress which allows to to flaunt your best assets, the ultimate hairstyle will work with your hair type. 

Straight/fine hair

If you have hair which is naturally fine and beautifully straight, it's best not to fight it – putting in tight curls at the beginning of the day could cause them to fall. Instead, either go for a looser curl, or opt for a chic, modern updo or chignon.

For especially fine fair, ask your hairstylist about adding a bit of volume with some clip in extensions for the day.

A sparkling comb or headband can really stand out against smooth, glossy locks, so opt for one which ties in with your dress.

Curly/wavy hair

As those who are bestowed with this more rebellious hair type will know, there's always uncertainty when it comes to taming the mane. If you're looking to get married in a humid climate, you'll know how quickly unwanted frizz can appear.

Rather than flattening your curls, try defining them with a serum, or twisting some of them up and away to lessen the bulk of it.

If you're really concerned about your hair, a secure chignon with a piece or two loose to frame your face can also work nicely.

Short hair

Ladies who have embraced the short hair life also have a challenge or two to face when it comes to formal hair styles.

If you'd like a change from your regular style on the day, clip back a few pieces, or even consider drawing shorter strands or a fringe away from your face with a french braid technique.

Short hair can be easier to clip back than longer, heavier locks, but make sure it's secured with long hold hair spray.

Long hair

Brides with long tumbling locks have a lot of flexibility when it comes to style, but you also don't want your hair to dominate your whole wedding look or hide your dress. 

Having more hair to play with means that you can experiment with more complex braided styles or updo's, but if you want to wear it loose, make sure that there is enough structure in the style to hold all day long.