Accessorising with pearls at your wedding

August 30, 2014

Pearls evoke a sense of grace, elegance and timeless class. They're a great choice when accessorising on your wedding day.

From past to present

In recent years, pearls have made a comeback. First ladies and queens aren't the only ones to enjoy this accessory, with the everyday woman discovering the beauty of pearls and how wearable they actually are. 

There are many options when it comes to incorporating them into your wedding outfit. You'll find there are many colours, but classic ivory is the most popular.

If you want something understated and subtle, opt for a look that incorporates other metals or gemstone, such as a chain bracelet with a few pearls along it.

Apparently, the Greeks wear pearls as they believe they symbolise love, happiness and purity and will bring bliss and harmony to the marriage. 


Add a that extra special touch to your wedding dress with some pearls. A broach is a wonderfully simple addition that can instantly dress up your gown. Look for one that has both pearls and crystals or diamantes for something that'll really sparkle.


If you're keeping your look minimal on this day of celebration, a simple pearl bracelet or pendant necklace can make all the difference. These chic pieces can stay in your collection for years and can be dressed up or down.

Are you wearing your hair in a loose updo? Accentuate the soft curls and your face with a pair of droplet pearl earrings.


Adding a hair accessory can make your look delightful, fresh and feminine. A hair comb with pearls and a hint of gold, beading, diamonds or a flower is sure to dazzle.

They are also practical, keeping your hair away from your face so you can dance with your groom, enjoy your wedding cake and hug your family without having to worry about your hair, while also looking stylish and stunning.