5 wedding rules you can break

September 13, 2014

Make your wedding day your own! While there are many lovely traditions and 'rules' associated with your special day, don't be afraid to do things your way.

Rule 1: Have formal invitations

Traditionally, wedding invites were formal affairs printed on pristine cream card. Today, the possibilities for your invites are limited to your imagination. Your invite could be a postcard to your friend, a movie ticket, a message in a bottle or golden ticket in a chocolate bar.

Rule 2: You need to wear white

Gorgeous white gowns are undoubtedly classic and beautiful, but if colour is calling you, don't be afraid to try something different. While you may feel bold enough to go for a patterned dress or vibrant red, adding a coloured sash or statement accessories is also a great way to add colour.

Rule 3: Your dress should be floor-length

A new trend being seen on catwalks from designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa is ankle length wedding dresses. This vintage-esque style is fun and playful – a quirky take on the traditional gown. It's sweet and feminine and is already more and more popular with brides. 

Rule 4: Your footwear of choice should be heels

While those towering heels may be perfect for you, don't discount comfort! If you'd love to go for a classic white gown, this is a more subtle way you can express your personality. Maybe you've always had a love for bedazzled sneakers or love beaded sandals – whatever your footwear of preference, go for it! 

Rule 5: Only women can make up your bridal party

Commonly bridal parties are all female, but why not break this rule and ask your best guy friend to celebrate your special day with you? This won't be for everyone, but don't be afraid to branch out and step away from tradition.