3 original wedding invite ideas

March 9, 2015

When planning your special day, there is such a great number of things to consider that the entire ordeal may seem overwhelming. The exciting parts such as choosing that perfect wedding dress or deciding upon the tune of your first dance are easy when compared to whittling down the guest list. Even when you've decided upon the final figure, you'll still have to send out invites – but the fun returns to proceedings when choosing the design! Here are three of Eternal Wedding's favourites:

A vintage book  

If you're particularly nostalgic at heart, what better way to invite those closest to you to your big day than by sending your invite wrapped around a small, vintage book? There's a certain sense of the rustic about the yellowed pages of old tomes, replete with their distinctive smell and unique character.

Many of the great works can be picked up for ridiculously low sums at charity shops and book fairs up and down the country. Place your invite on the cover and secure it in place with some lovingly tied string, before sending it on its way.

A children's drawing

Wedding invites do not always have to be formal affairs. There are no set restrictions, so you have full licence to be as creative or off-the-wall as you want to be.

No adult imagination can rival that of a child, so why not have the budding Picasso in your family draw you up some designs? Your invite is bound to come through the creative process awash with a kaleidoscope of colours, happy imagery and smiling people and, what's more, it'll grab attention far more notably than a run-of-the-mill, shop-bought effort.

A strip of fabric

If you've bought your invites already, you can still add a personal element to them. By choosing a roll of fabric that means something to you – a favourite colour or pattern – stitch a strip along the top of your car using a sewing machine. If you feel the card isn't robust enough to withstand the process, staples provide a softer option.